Templates are used to show the same information across many pages. Templates can be useful as to indicating the page requires cleanup or is a candidate for deletion. Changing a template located on its page will cause it to appear differently on other pages.

This page lists the templates that have been created thus far. You are more than welcome to create a template; however, there are a few guidelines that must be followed as shown below. For more information, check out Wikipedia's template page or Wikimedia's template page.

To insert a template onto a page, type {{TemplateName}} (known as a tag). This will cause the information located on TemplateName's page to appear in the article. The template's name is always located after the Template: in the url. For instance, the template name for Template:Construction is Construction thereby making the template format {{Construction}}

Guidelines Edit

When creating a template

  • Ask yourself, is the template useful? Will it be beneficial to the community?
  • Make sure the template includes the [[Category:CATEGORY|{{PAGENAME}}]] tag inside
  • Categorize the template page in the correct category
    • Article management templates would belong in [[Category:Article Management Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]
  • Include graphics wherever possible
  • Use the messagebox form
  • When the template is created, replace the [[ and ]] tags with {{ and }}
    • Remember to remove Template

Templates Edit

Templates below are as followed. Templates that have red links are those that have not been created yet.

You have been temporarily blocked from editing for vandalising the Theology Wiki.
Block icon
Please note that page blanking, addition of random text or spam, deliberate misinformation, privacy violations, and repeated and blatant policy violation are considered vandalism. If you wish to make useful contributions, you may come back after the block expires.

{{Block}} Alerts the user that she/he is banned from the wiki
Broom Icon This article requires cleanup in order to meet Theology Wiki standards. Reason: {{{1}}}

You can help by editing it.

{{Cleanup}} Indicates that the article is in need of cleanup
Construction icon
This article is under construction.

The article or section is currently in the middle of expansion or major revamping. This tag should not be removed unless the author is done. Information should not be considered fully accurate until the tag is removed. You can help by contributing to it.

{{Construction}} Indicates that the article is under construction
Warning This article has been nominated for Deletion for the reason of {{{1}}}.
{{D}} Nominates an article for deletion
Gold padlock Editing of this article or template is currently disabled.

Only bureaucrats and sysops may make changes. If you wish to make a change, leave a message on the talk page.

{{Protected}} Indicates that the article or template cannot be edited by anyone who is not an administrator

This article contains a high amount of red links. You can help by creating articles denoted in red.

{{Red link}} Indicates that there are links to articles that have not been created yet
Silver padlock Editing of this article by new or unregistered users is currently disabled.

If you cannot edit this article and wish to make a change, you can request an edit on this article's talk page.

{{Semi-protected}} Indicates that the article can only be edited by accounts 4 days and older
Crystal error This article or image is a candidate for Speedy Deletion. It appears to have been nominated for personal use.
{{Speedy Deletion}} Quickly nominates an article for a speedy deletion

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